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  • The BADDEST Marketing & Sales Growth Accelerator
  • Experience the Mentorship that provides a personalized coaching experience including multi-platform media training, state-of-the-art on-camera training, 24/7 access to on-demand training, on-line business coaching, regular accountability coaching, and access to a community of mutually supportive, passionate and ambitious entrepreneurs dedicated to manifesting success while making a profound impact on the world.

If You Are...

A business owner who is ready to take your business to new heights by learning new, effective ways to market your business, drive more leads, and generate more revenue to your bottom line

AMAZING at what you do, but frustrated that not enough people know your business exists

Tired of getting drowned out in a social media space that's getting even more crowded in the new normal, and need to learn how to set yourself apart, establish authority, and immediately position yourself and your business as the go-to leader in your field

Determined to be equipped with the skills, knowledge, support and network you will need to help your business gain the visibility and profitability it will need to not only survive but thrive, even in uncertain times.


What you get...

Media Marketing Money Mentorship

Customized Mentorship

Enjoy the benefit of a Mentorship experience customized to your needs. Enjoy regular Deep-Dive Trainings, One-on-One Accountability Coaching, and weekly Office Hours for questions, 24/7 access to The Vault, a collection of hundreds of trainings that you can use to learn media, marketing and sales techniques to take your business to new heights!



Get access to our exclusive private membership vault with on-demand training videos, audios, worksheets, templates, media contact lists and more! This 100% digital platform is available at your finger tips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also, if you miss of our live trainings, no worries! It'll be uploaded to The Vault within 24 hours.

On-Line Biz & Branding Training

Whether you need to uplevel your current on-line business, grow a new one from scratch, or you need to add an on-line component to your current business model, receive on-going coaching and guidance on all the intricacies of growing a profitable business on-line. 

Media Marketing Matrix

Build out your entire Media Marketing Matrix with on-going trainings on earned media, social media, owned media and paid media so that your business consistently attracts the quality leads you need to THRIVE

On-Camera Training

Writing a successful pitch is one thing, showing up on camera at your best is another. To support your media training needs, your mentorship includes on-camera media training in a state-of-the art studio during our annual retreats as well as virtual training on how to shine on line via live and pre-recorded video.

Owned-Media Training

Get the support you need to start and grow your own Owned-Media Platform, be it Podcasting, a Digital Show or more, learn how to elevate your business or brand through a media platform of your own.

Sales Training

Sales is a skill. And just like any other skill, it can be learned. In the Mentorship we focus intensely on teaching you how to sell and sell high ticket, with ease--one-to-one and one-to-many. Get access to our First or Next Sale in Seven Day Training and learn how to make thousands literally in a matter of days.

Supportive Community

Enjoy access to a Private Facebook Community where you can share your wins, ask questions and receive timely responses, and get the momentum you gain when surrounded by a community of go-getters just as committed to success as you are.


Investment in the...

Media Marketing Money Mentorship

$1500/month for 12 months

You Can Also Pay-in-Full and Save $3,000!

  • Weekly Deep-Dive Trainings meant to give you the tools you need to maximize the visibility and profitability of your business.
  • Weekly Office Hours to answer your questions, review your pitches, or provide feedback, guidance and one-on-one feedback and direction for all of your marketing and monetization needs.
  • Monthly One-on-One Accountability Coaching to keep you on track, focused, and committed to implementation in addition to your trainings and weekly Q & A calls.
  • Build Out Your Media Marketing Matrix with on-going training on earned media, social media, owned media and paid media to have your full marketing system optimized for maximum lead-generation capabilities
  • On-Camera Media Training Virtually and via State-of-the-Art Studio so when you make your air appearances, you do so with confidence. Our on-camera training is incorporated into your virtual training experience, but also included as part of our Mentorship Retreat (when possible given COVID proliferation) and held in a state of the art studio in Washington, DC. You'll receive an mp4 of your appearance that you can use to leverage future media appearances.
  • On-Line Business Training Remember, this mentorship is not just about increased visibility, it's also about developing the on-line strategy & systems necessary to turn those leads into customers. As such a central part of this mentorship is all about learning how to start or grow your business on-line in this COVID-impacted new normal of an increasingly digitally focused age.
  • Videos, Audios, Worksheets, Templates, Media Contact Lists and More so you have every single tool you need to get a short-cut to your success.
  • Access to our Private Mentorship Facebook Community where we celebrate every win, answer every question and provide on-going support and insight from Dr. Avis, her team as well as fellow mentorship members.

A Mentorship That Gets Results...



LeTonya closed more than $300,000 in sales DURING the Pandemic!

LeTonya Moore, I Protect Your Brand w/ LeTonya Moore

JR booked over $78,000 in speaking engagements and had over 1 million media impressions in his first 30 days and went on to snag FOUR $100,000 MONTHS!

John Register, Inspirational Catalyst

Barbara locked down over $100,000 in revenue from clients and speaking contracts in her first 60 Days in the Mentorship and then went on to close a $132,000 MONTH!

Barbara Littles, Purpose by Design

Sharon went from making $20,000 a year in her business to making over $200,000 in her first year in the Mentorship, and started off her second year with a $300,000 Quarter!

Sharon Devonish Leid, NetStruc PR

Michelle closed $120,000 in Sales in her First 120 Days in the Mentorship, launched her own MAGAZINE and then closed a $100,000 MONTH!

Michelle Greene Rhodes, Nursepreneur Nation

Rebecca closed over $200,000 in the middle of the Pandemic!

Rebecca Thompson, Clarity Coach for High Achieving Black Womxn

Dr. DeShawn is on track for her first 7-Figure YEAR!

Dr. DeShawn Taylor, Desert Star Institute for Family Planning, Inc.

Dr. Stacia closed $37,000 in sales for her BRAND NEW program in her first 40 Days in the Mentorship!

Dr. Stacia Alexander, Positive Influences

Karen got 16 media hits, had a video go viral with over 7 million views and snagged a book deal!

Karen Fleshman, Racy Conversations

Meet Dr. Avis

Your Media Monetization Mentor

Hi! I'm Dr. Avis. I got my start in media over 20 years ago, not as a journalist or PR Agent, but as a subject matter expert. However, it wasn't until I made the transition from expert to entrepreneur that I became intentional about developing a system to quickly and strategically leverage the power of media to accelerate my business success. That strategy and intentionality ultimately allowed me to grow my business from start-up to piercing my first six-figures in less than 9 months by turning my increased visibility into highly lucrative speaking engagements, corporate contracts, book sales and even an international book deal that resulted in having my award-winning book gain distribution throughout Africa and beyond.  

So how did I do it? I appeared on a wide variety of major media platforms including: CNN, MSNBC, PBS, TV One, BBC, BET, AfricaNews, Al Jazzeera English, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Sirius XM, NPR, the Washington Post, USA Today, Essence Magazine, Glamour Magazine and many more and then followed up those appearances with a lead collection, nurturing and sales techniques that turned to cash. All the while I also served as a regular contributor on national platforms such as Black Enterprise, the Huffington Post and NBC BLK. 

Now, as a Media Monetization Mentor who has literally done it all, I teach others how to strategically leverage the power of media in order to grow their businesses, elevate their brands, and make serious bank!  

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